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Fearful people don't excel in life because to be fearful is to be fair-full i.e. he does not get distinction or credit in any area, only fair marks and grade which don't amount to good success.               Signs and wonders are true marks of a believer in Christ Jesus; if you do not experience miracles in your life then you are not a believer.                Riches and wealth is a like bird with wings that flies away from those who chase them. If you want to enjoy true riches, seek after God, His Kingdom and righteousness then riches and wealth will be added to you.               If you want the devil to run away from you, then run to God.                In the absence of faith, you will not get any miracle from God but Satan may give you a fake miracle that does not bring a lasting joy.                Until you make up your mind to serve God, He will not make up his mind to save you.                Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you and you will not get lost in the wilderness of this world.               Sin is a sinker, flee from sin.               Do not date Delilah if you don't want to lose your sight and glory.               After a trillion years in hell, a sinner is just about to begin the period of how long he will be there.               Healing is the children's bread, sufferings is the heathen tea/coffee.                Your level of givings determines the level of the blessings you will enjoy.               If your heart is not pure, you will see devils and demons.              Make God first in your life if you want him to consider you first.              If Jesus is not your head, you cannot be the head.           Restoration is a product of true repentance and restitution.               If you don't respect and practice the word of God, God will not respect your word in prayer.                    God did not promise us a battle free life but he promises us a consistent victorious life over battles of life.               Do not fail God if you want to succeed, if you fail God He would fail you period.               If you take what does not belong to you, God will not give what belongs to you.              If you give your heart to God, then He will give the blessings of the earth to you.              Serve God now or else you will serve your enemies.            There's no problem on earth yet that heaven does not have the solution.           If you can pray you will never become a prey.     If God backs you up, you will not pack it up.        
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